Reviewing Industry Associations Preparedness to Combat Covid Impacts: CIM

CIM Invites Industry Associations to Discuss their preparedness to Combat Covid- 19 Impacts

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry notifies in a note that it will discuss the Industries' issues amid the pandemic with Industry Associations, in order to reduce the impacts of Covid- related restrictions on the sector.

Due to the second wave of Covid- 19 and restrictions imposed for fighting against it, the Industry sector has severely been impacted, specially because of the second lockdown, as well as non-availability of oxygen, migration of workers to their hometowns, spread of Corona virus amongst workers and other similar reasons.

In a bid to prepare the industries to minimize the impacts of Covid- 19, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Shri Piyush Goyal is going to review the experiences and lessons gained amid the first pandemic, and discuss with Industry Associations on their preparedness to meet the present and future challenges because of Covid-19 pandemic on 01.06.2021 at 6.30 PM through video conferencing.

As mentioned in the note "It is considered that based upon lessons learnt from past experiences, the Indian industry should gear up itself to meet the present and future challenges because of Covid-19 pandemic."

Along with the National Associations like FICCI, CII, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, ASSHOHAM, India SME Forum, other regional associations such as: Tamilnadu Small and Tiny Industries Association, Maharashtra Industrial and Economic Development Association, Indian Industries Association, National Chamber of Industries & Commerce of UP, Federation of Industries and Associations (FIA), Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce (FKCCI) have been invited to introduce their representative to join the virtual conference.


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